1. Stop taking decision on your own 13:9 Stay in Bethel until you get word from God 13:12

2. Lift your eyes now Turn your eyes from the failure you are seeing.V.14

3. Dont look at the outer fertility, God has prepared for you the inner fertility.Gen 13:14-18
The prospects of an eye of faith are much more rich and beautiful than those of an eye of sense

4. Start your faith from the place where thou art 13:14

5. Start looking the things differently “they are yours” V.14

6. Whatever you visualize they are yours V.15 even Sodom was seen by Abraham.
Lot had the paradise, such as it was, but Abram had the promise.

7. Believe in the permanant blessings V.15.

8. What is necessary to fill will be given V.16

9. Stand up from the frustration V.17

10. Walk in faith don’t be lasy be active in your vision. He walked in Sodom thats his.V.17

11. Live in the center of your vision V.18

12. Live in the centre of the fellowship with God. V.18