James Edward founder of Sons of Thunder ministries and Thunder Theological Institute wasA�born in a christian family. A�His fatherA�Mr. George is a good believer in ChristA�and his motherA�Dhaya is a spirit filled teacher. A�James was brought upA�in the fear of the Lorda��God called Him to do His Ministry when heA�was 14 and gave himA�the name Sons of Thunder on that day itself. He evenA�dona��t know what is ministry and how to do ministry in those daysa��but heA�obeyed His call when heA�was 19 after a long spiritual strugglea�� Went to Maranatha Bible College andA�finished hisA�B.Th therea�� after a definite call from the Lord Jesus heA�came to Ariyalur and started Sons of Thunder Ministriesa��For the past 19A�years he is doing Gods ministry as per the divine instructions given by God.

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Preparing an army for the entime revival is the Moto of this ministry. A�He ministers a Church in Ariyalur in the midst of his intinerent evangelistic meetings.

Thunder Theological Institute prepares many youths for the end time revival. A�Providing them with sound doctrine and media studies to reach this end time generation. A�Institute provides both Distance education and Residential Courses like B.Th and MBS for both Men and Women.

Join with us in minstry training and be blessed. A�Pr. James Edward and his wife Jebakani James were blessed with two boys and a girl child. A�Pray to God that He may use them more and more in this last days.